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Our keyword: clarity

To find the right professional translation service you need to overcome these two challenges:

  • Where: to look for: finding a professional translator takes time and you need to know which one to contact.
  • What you need: every translation is different, when you have several options available it can be difficult to determine which professional is right for you.

If you found us online, you came to the right place and you have already overcome the first challenge.

We established our agency to offer professional quality translation and interpreting services through to the Alfabeta method.

Let’s now take a look at the second challenge:

What factors are important to obtain a quality translation?

Below you will find the answers to your questions and the best solution to meet your needs.


The language combination is the first factor to consider: what is the language of the original text? What language must the text be translated into?

You should rely on a professional who has in-depth knowledge both of the source and target language... but perhaps you do not know that for an effective translation, it is essential that the translator is a mother-tongue.
This factor allows the content to be rendered naturally and non-literally, with localized adaptation of concepts, cultural references, puns, idioms, metaphors, and so on.

That is why all our translators work in their native language.

A translation for the American market will differ from one for the United Kingdom, just as a translation for the Mexican market will differ from one for Spain, and a text for France will not be the same for Canada.

It is not just a matter of lexical differences, but also of grammatical variations and cultural elements that affect interpretation.
You need an agency that offers you the expertise for the specific geographic region you are targeting, not just the language.


What type of text do you need to translate? A contract? A court judgment? A website? A financial statement? A beauty product catalog? Or do you need to translate a technical manual or a medical report?
To obtain a professional translation in every respect, you need an agency that has experience in your field of specialization, a partner that will identify the most appropriate style and tone for the content as well as the specific terminology to use for it.


Simply knowing another language does not mean that one is qualified to write and translate professionally. You would never entrust important documents to someone you meet on the street; the same rule applies to a translator. This does not mean that you need a different translator for each type of content. Translators typically have multiple fields of specialization in their areas of expertise. For example, a professional specialized in art normally also translates literature and creative content. A translator specialized in legal documents typically also works with contracts, financial documents and financial statements.


Do you need a professional translator?

Did you ever read an instruction booklet without understanding it at all? With AlfaBeta, the keyword is: clarity.

Our professional translators are not only mother-tongue, they are also "insiders" in their specific fields. They inform themselves and keep themselves up-to-date, they make a topic their own before translating it and making it understandable in another language, working professionally with commercial translations, technical translations, legal translations and all types of assigned documents.

Our mother-tongue translators know perfectly well that advertising terminology is not the same as contractual terminology, web slang is not suitable for commercial translations and legal documents.

Our goal is to give value to each content, in each specific language, for what it is, for its function and purpose. Translating also means interpreting and never just transcribing.

Professional translation firms may seem more expensive at first glance, but they provide essential additional services (translator selection, project management, quality control, file conversion, consistent design of multilingual projects, etc.) to make you save time and money.

If you want to optimize costs and spend less, you will not turn to a professional translator, but you will rely on quicker and cheaper solutions (e.g. students or recent graduates), which are, however, definitely inadequate if your goal is to sell, attract potential Clients or promote your image.

When assessing the choice of your next partner, we want to ask you a few questions:

  • Would you accept medical students performing minor surgeries to pay for their studies?
  • Would you call a "simple task”, a brochure, an important letter or your company's annual financial statement... not to mention a speech at an international conference?
  • Would you entrust a group of Economics and Business students - in order to save money - to prepare your company's profit and loss statement?

If you really care about the future of your company, you can only answer NO.

For a professional translator it is an essential duty to keep his or her linguistic and cultural knowledge up to date, always and in any case. The serious professional translator first completely dismantles the sentences of the original text and then reconstructs them in the target language. In addition, he or she asks the right questions to facilitate the work and avoid misunderstandings with the Client.
To guarantee a consistently high standard of quality, we developed the Alfabeta method, a production cycle of preparation, coordination, translation and verification of the finished product, which ensures optimal management of human and technological resources.
Providing the translator with as much information as possible about the text to enable him or her to draft a final version that produces the desired effect on the specific target audience is vital to achieve a clear and effective translation.

Our professional translators work closely with our clients, moving with familiarity in the sectors and fields in which they translate. We typically ask that the material to be translated be provided in a user-friendly format, meaning Word, Excel or Power Point documents. PDF and/or paper documents require typesetting and adaptation in order to replicate the original as faithfully as possible, which is time-consuming for the translator and therefore more costly for you.
Being "bilingual" does not in itself mean being a professional translator: thanks to its selected translators, AlfaBeta offers only professional translations aimed at the corporate world. Before delivering the translated texts, a professional translator relies on a proofreader for grammar, syntax and style.

AlfaBeta does not make your content fail: inadequate titles, ambiguity in the original text, improper use of machine translation, drafts not proofread by mother-tongue translators, shortcomings in the coordination of large projects, lack of guidance from the client are not part of our philosophy.

A professional translator for your professional translations: this is why choosing AlfaBeta makes sense.

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