Our Background

Discover our background: we have been translating with a passion for over 20 years


Since 1997 we have been offering our language expertise to our clients.

Over 20 years in the language business

O ur story began in the 1990s: two women translators, one with 20 years of experience and the other driven by the enthusiasm that fuels a new beginning.

At that time, translation agencies were few and far between and the real needs of the market rather unclear. These were also the first few years of the Internet, the tool that changed the world, and companies had just started to understand how important it was to promote themselves across borders in the language of the potential clients they wished to reach.

A major toy manufacturer was looking for a vendor to whom it could entrust the localization of its products in Italian, a reliable partner with whom to work assigning the translations of assembly instructions, safety regulations, packages, etc.

It was our chance to start the business with a solid foundation, then invest and grow, find new clients and expand our range of services. Making ourselves known and explaining exactly what we were able to do was our biggest challenge in an environment where word of mouth and in-person networking still ruled.

The high quality of our translations and the care we dedicated to each and every client gave us visibility beyond regional and national borders.

New opportunities

Just a few years later, our competitors doubled in number, the price threshold dropped and with it the quality of the translations, but we were different: we always delivered a finished product of quality at the right price.

In the meantime, the agency found in a young linguist an additional resource to grow its business. This linguist provided a valuable contribution to renew the translation and proofreading processes, thus expanding our business vision.

Technology changed too, and this led us to make use of new tools to adapt ourselves to the needs of the sector, without ever ceasing to learn and facing new challenges.

Our main purpose was always visibility, to make our clients understand what set us apart from others.

The relationship with the client

One of the most critical issues was always the price war. In a sector where new translators and interpreters (or supposedly so) popped-up every day ready to provide their services at a very low cost, being able to overcome doubts such as "You are too expensive", "Another agency offers me the same service at half the price" and "I only need to translate a few lines, it is impossible to spend so MUCH" represented an insurmountable obstacle in most cases.

Another critical aspect in our line work has always been timing: nine out of ten clients ask us for very tight deadlines that we occasionally refuse, thus missing from time-to-time potential opportunities.

However, we believe that a good quality translation requires time and resources: those who claim otherwise do so only and exclusively to gain clients without considering the negative consequences that this type of service triggers.

An unprofessionally translated technical/software manual can lead to the incorrect use of a piece of equipment or program, damaging the user and their instruments.

Technical specifications of products translated with incorrect terminology create a negative image of the company, which will be damaged both financially and in terms of reputation. Terminology research is essential and, often, time-consuming.

The issues we experienced and how we overcame them

In 2016, the parent company of a large multinational group decided to centralize its translation department to reduce costs by assigning over 27 languages to a single vendor instead of managing them locally as they had done until then. For us, this represented a challenging loss to overcome.

Fortunately, the employees at the Italian subsidiary with whom we worked for so long were well aware of the value of our work. That is why they worked hard to convince the parent company to find a solution that would include our contribution to the group. Therefore, the decision was taken to assign any translations from English into Italian exclusively to AlfaBeta.

We are still working with this client to this day and given the professionalism shown, it entrusted us additional projects, allowing us to further consolidate our work method.

If you read up to this point, in addition to knowing us a little better, you have probably understood that by contacting any big translation agency, at least a so-called one, you may find yourself in a situation where the work is performed by someone with whom you do not have a direct relationship, with the risk of receiving an unprofessional translation, not up to the expectations of your clients and with no real cost savings.

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