Our method

Discover our valid method for every type of translation

Our translation method from one language to another follows a focused flow, which includes very specific responsibilities.

Our translations respect the integrity of the content from every point of view, whether the documents are technical, scientific, commercial, communicative, or related to advertising, to provide a clear and comprehensive message.

The expressive nuances of the source language are replicated, adapted, trans-created, and enhanced in the target text. Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee you the utmost competence and accuracy from our team of translators.

A careful preliminary analysis is carried out to prepare your quote then followed by an in-depth assessment of the contents to identify the most suitable professional for the project, which includes a final revision.

At the start of the project, the delivery date is assessed to provide the translator with sufficient time to deliver an optimal final result that meets our quality standards.

Our process also allows us to establish long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring consistency of terminology and clarity for translations in every sector.

Why translation quality is important

Our translators are selected according to specific criteria:

  • Our translators are professionals who translate exclusively in their mother tongue, accurately replicating the meaning, nuances, idiomatic expressions, technical terminology, and specifications that make each text fluent and correct. Each of them has an extensive academic background in the source language and accurately knows the cultural context of both languages in the requested combination.
  • Our translators are selected primarily based on their academic qualifications and advanced training courses, but documented translation experience is an equally important selection criterion. Resumes and portfolios are assessed by other professionals in our team who share the same native language.
  • To become part of our team, we request all translators to take a translation test to assess their competence and specialization.
  • Each translator has one or more areas of specialization. We only assign them texts in their field of expertise: technical, legal, medical, commercial, contractual, adaptation, transcreation, editing and proofreading, and more.

To produce dedicated content in specific fields, our team carries out targeted research with in-depth know-how. We are proud to consider it one of our fundamental values.

We create glossaries based on information provided by our clients and derived from our own research, updating them on an ongoing basis and working closely with the client.

Technology at the service of translation

We always create sector-specific translation memories* for each client to offer consistency of terminology and lower costs for repetitive content. This service guarantees significant time and costs savings.