Editorial translations

Translations for the publishing industry


We use the correct and appropriate technical language in the target language

Editorial Translations - Publishing and Translations

O ur translators can produce fluid and natural written content that will not be conveyed just as a mere translation of the source text.

We translate publications and documents in the publishing industry from and into any language, finding the professional with the skills that best suit your needs:

  • Translations for the press: translations of articles, magazines, and press releases with content that calls for a high degree of accuracy in accordance with the rules of journalism.
  • Academic translations: translations of children's books and school books for the youngest audience, translated taking into account the cultural context of the target language.
  • Literary translations: the translation of tales, novels or short stories requires not only the use of well-selected words and expressions, but also the charm that they trigger in the reader.

Translations dedicated to your sector

We give your translations the right context, taking into account the target audience, technical specifications and production processes involved.

Our professional translators can translate in the right context any material for the following sectors: pharmaceutical, electro-technical, mechanical, automotive, railway, aeronautics, precision engineering, air conditioning systems, machine tools, boilers, electronics, measuring instruments, plants, medical devices, industrial automation, and more.


Type of translations we do

  • Translation of magazines
  • Translation of brochures
  • Translation of entire works
  • Translation of articles
  • Book translations
  • Translation of essays
  • Scientific and technical publications
  • Works of psychological interest

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