Technical translations

Translations for the technology and manufacturing sector


We use the right technical language for the target audience

Technical translations tailor-made for your company

C ompanies in the technology and digital sectors can expand their opportunities by offering products that speak the same language of the clients they are targeting. We are your ideal partner for translating and localizing software, digital and technology products. A translation of content dedicated to the technology and software sectors can be particularly challenging because the target audience often has specific knowledge and skills.

For example, your software may be used by accountants or designers, meaning professionals who use a dedicated language. The same is true for App users, management programs and video games, for example, where slang and specific terminology are unknown to most people.

Specific translations for your sector

We give your translations the right context, taking into account the target audience, technical specifications and related production processes.

Our professional translators can translate in the right context any material for the following sectors: pharmaceutical, electro-technical, mechanical, automotive, railway, aeronautics, precision engineering, air conditioning systems, machine tools, boilers, electronics, measuring instruments, plants, medical devices, and industrial automation.


Type of translations we do

  • Translations of copy on packaging
  • Translation of promotional texts for web and marketing
  • Instruction manuals
  • Translation of user interfaces
  • Software / training materials
  • App translation for iPhone / Android
  • Technical documents
  • Specifications
  • Operational guide
  • Brochures, catalogues and price lists
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Regulations

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