Certified translations and sworn translations

Sworn translations by court-registered translators


We use the correct and appropriate technical language in the target language

Translations of documents with a legal value

C ertification of documents for private, corporate, legal and consular use, with validity throughout Italy and abroad.
A sworn translation is necessary, for example, to obtain the certification of Italian documents in foreign countries.

We assist notary public offices, lawyers, experts, brokers and private individuals in the translation of real estate purchase and sale contracts, business incorporations, inheritances, powers of attorney, wills and other types of public deeds where different countries are involved. In addition to translations, we also offer interpretation services when the parties involved are of different nationalities, as required by law.

All our translators are subject to a rigorous selection process and are tested to become part of our team, with the guarantee that you may rely on competent professionals every time.

Certified and sworn translations for your documents

Sworn translations are needed when submitting a document in a language other than the original to a competent body, authority or official agency that certifies its validity for use in the Italian/foreign jurisdiction.

We use Court-registered translators to certify our translations and this service is available in all languages.


Type of translations we do

  • Chamber of Commerce certificates
  • Wills
  • Notarial acts
  • Contracts
  • Birth or death certificates
  • Certificates of residence
  • Marriage or divorce certificates
  • Criminal record certificates
  • Certificates of pending charges
  • User interfaces translation

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