FAQ frequently asked questions

1How long does it take to have my document translated?
The delivery time depends on several factors: length of text, target language, and specific sector. The quote provided will specify every detail also based on this information.
2How much does it cost to translate my document?
The cost is calculated based on the number of words, repetitions, language combination, and degree of urgency for delivery. Depending on the format, we will always provide you with a total cost for translating your project.
3What types of payment do you accept?
Our payment methods include bank wire transfer, PayPal, and cash payments up to the maximum amount specified by the law.
4My translation contains many repetitive sections. Will the price include a discount?
We perform a preliminary analysis of the content that considers any repetitive text and specific sector terminology. The final cost is calculated according to a specific discount chart based on repetition percentages that our software calculates and provides.
5Who translates my document?
Our translations are provided exclusively by professional mother-tongue translators. If you need a translation from Italian to French, it will be assigned to a French mother-tongue translator with in-depth knowledge of the Italian language. On the other hand, if you need to translate a Russian document into Italian, it will be assigned to an Italian professional qualified in the source language.
6How do I request a quote?
To receive a detailed quote, please use our form online or send us an e-mail to info@alfa-beta.org, attaching the document to be translated and providing your contact details. We will process the material received with the utmost confidentiality and in full compliance with privacy regulations.
7In which format do I have to send the document to be translated?
Preferably in Word or Excel format, but we accept documents in PowerPoint, PDF, photocopies, and more.
8I have a text that was already translated, and I need to have it checked. How much does a revision cost?
The proofreading cost depends on the language combination, length, and whether the original text is available. Generally, the price is lower than the cost of a translation, but we make a specific assessment for each project.
9I only need to have a few lines translated. Do you also accept short translations?
We also translate a few lines, but the minimum billable amount is 200 words. If you only need to translate a few words on an ongoing basis every month, we offer translation packages on a sliding scale.
10Can you translate the same document into multiple languages?
Yes, we offer multilanguage translations, including for catalogs, user manuals, assembly instructions, websites, and more.
11What languages do you translate?
We offer a variety of language combinations from and into Italian, but also between foreign languages. They include the following: ENGLISH - FRENCH - GERMAN - SPANISH - PORTUGUESE - DUTCH - GREEK - RUSSIAN - UKRAINIAN - POLISH - ROMANIAN - SLOVENIAN - CZECH - SERBIAN - CROATIAN - SLOVAK - ARABIC - CHINESE - JAPANESE - HUNGARIAN - BULGARIAN - SWEDISH - NORWEGIAN - FINNISH - TURKISH
12What is a sworn/certified translation? How much does it cost?
A sworn translation (also known as certified translation) is a translation certified with an oath procedure performed in front of a court clerk or notary public to provide legal value to said translation. Once sworn, the translation can be submitted to foreign or national bodies and authorities with official value and therefore recognized. The cost of a sworn translation is calculated based on the length of the text increased by the sworn translation service fee. The quote provided will also detail the price of the revenue stamps to be paid to the Court as administrative fees. For submission to foreign bodies, public administrations, or government offices, in addition to the sworn translation, it is necessary to certify the translation by affixing an apostille for the countries that adhere to the Hague Convention or a dedicated certification for other countries. This consists in certifying the signature of the Judicial Officer who signed the sworn translation. By way of example, it is required for visas, marriage certificates, and registration at foreign professional registers.
13I need to translate my certificate of pending charges, criminal record, and identity card. Do you need the original document, or is a copy sufficient?
It is not mandatory to use the original document for sworn translations unless the recipient requests it.
14How many revenue stamps are required for a sworn translation?
The Court requires one revenue stamp of € 16.00 for every 100 lines of translation as administrative fees.

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